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                                             Theta Brain Waves

​ What are theta brain waves? 
Everyone goes through five
brain wave frequencies and everything you say and do is regulated by these frequencies. The highest brain wave is Gamma which is when we're our most concentrated. Next we have Beta which is a normal, active, and alert state. Beta has a frequency of 14-28 cycles per second. Alpha state is between 7-14 cycles per second and is a deep relaxation and meditative state. Alpha is where we daydream, fantasize, and are relaxed. Theta is the frequency we often do not experience because it happens so quickly between Alpha and Delta as we fall asleep. Lastly, Delta is slowed to 0-4 cycles per second. Delta is a deep, dreamless sleep phase. Your brain is capable of going into Theta state while floating which is highly beneficial. Theta is a state of very deep relaxation. Brain waves are slowed to 4-7 cycles per second. The mind is between conscious and unconscious and you can retain more memories and feelings here. 

Why are theta brain waves beneficial? 

​When you reach theta, your brain waves produce an extremely relaxed state. While in theta, your creativity levels are high, you have heightened intuition, you can experience more intense emotional connections, improve problem solving skills and learning abilities, experience better

focus and concentration, and have much more energy. 

What other ways do you experience theta waves? 
Some people practice meditation for years before being able to experience theta waves. Some people can achieve theta waves through yoga as well, but both of these take an extreme amount of time, practice, discipline, and patience. 
When you float, it is effortless to reach theta.