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Our Float Rooms

All of our pod rooms are set up to ensure your therapy session is as relaxing and beneficial as possible. Upon entering you will find all rooms to be a calming retreat away from the worries of everyday stress! All our rooms have been insulated, to help reduce outside noise & distractions, allowing for added relaxation and privacy. This will enhance your meditative state while floating.

We have three float rooms to accommodate your floatation sessions. This way you can make plans to bring a family member or friend to float at the same time! Each of you will enjoy your own private room in which to escape. Our Oasis 1 room is equipped with an ADA shower with seating for those who may be needing the added assistance.

We've also added an extra filtration system to our facility to help remove chlorine and other chemicals from the water supply. You can rest easy knowing that the time spent showering and floating will be as pure as possible without the damaging effects of chlorine on the body.

When entering the pods the choices for your own personal escape are up to you. You may choose to leave the lid up or close it for a deeper meditative state; the same goes for lights and music. The controls are inside the pod for your convenience. You may even bring your own iPod or MP3 and plug in for some personalized, easy listening! If light chromotherapy is your thing, multi color LED is also available. A built in intercom system is located within the pod for direct contact with the lobby personnel if needed.

The water temperature inside the pod will be kept heated at a constant skin temperature (approximately 93.5) to allow for a deeper sense of sensory relaxation. After a short while your senses won't even know you're floating and the "theta" brain waves will kick in to allow for an even deeper mode of relaxation!

Unscented shampoo, conditioner, and body wash are supplied for your convenience. We also provide disposable earplugs to use while you enjoy your float.

So lie back and enjoy your own 75 minute "vacation" away from everyday stress & worrying; you'll be glad you did!